Louise Thomas Paints


Louise Thomas is a still life painter. Simple and familiar objects have always been a great source of inspiration and are a continuing theme in her work. Extensive travels and living in Denmark and France have given her the opportunity to indulge in her love of design and colour.

Louise grew up in Brisbane attending the Queensland College of Art, having a long successful career in Graphic Design.

Her earlier works were included in the 1998 group exhibition Unencumbered at the Fox Galleries in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Her feature works were Lemon Bowl and Two Blues in a Bowl. Both works are in private collections, Lemon in Australia and Two Blues now in the U.K. 

Her work has been continually presented in art shows throughout Queensland including the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery, Caloundra, Brookfield Show and as a regular contributor to the Rotary Art Spectacular.

Her next major exhibition was The Blue Jug and Others at the Graydon Gallery in New Farm, Brisbane.

On reviewing the Exhibition Greg de Silva commented;

"Louise Thomas's works are all still life and explore everyday objects typically found in the kitchen, many of them positioned on top of cupboards and tables. The play of light in a number of these is interesting, with Lemons on Board, casting shadows from the left of the image across the board and onto the table.This effect is also well done in Sunlight on Table with the pattern created by light onto the shape of the table, giving the work a strong design quality. Other works are simply joyous and show that everyday objects can be used as things of beauty. One interesting piece is Blue Cups and Saucers, in which two of the cups are balancing on top of one another, which is more creative than just placing them side by side, this adds to the effect of the composition. The most impressive work for me is The Aqua Jug. The painterly quality of the work and the use of warm colours (background) and cool colours (objects), gives the painting it's strengths. The brushwork is loose and expressive and the artist has had fun playing with the medium."

Greg de Silva: ( Gallery Director, Royal Queensland Art Society, Brisbane)

The Blue Jug and Others was followed by her most successful individual exhibitions A Pear or Two in 2015 and Simply Still Life in 2017 at the Percolator Gallery in Paddington, Brisbane.

Louise's work hangs in private collections and commercial business offices throughout Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom.